The Best FBA Calculators for Your Amazon Business

20 March 03 Tue 12:41

amz fba calculator

Buying and selling or online trading could be a bit more challenging than the standard hand-to-hand, especially for sellers. According to research , 37.6% of new Amazon sellers tend to be at a loss because they are unaware of their real profits. Fortunately, there is a solution to this challenge most first-time Amazon sellers face, and the saving grace is the FBA Calculator . One integral part of selling items on Amazon FBA is devising the best way to calculate your profits. With the Amazon FBA calculator , you can avoid all miscalculations and get accurate ROI.

Before we proceed on how vital an FBA calculator is to your business, let's delve into what Amazon FBA means. 

What is Amazon FBA? 

Amazon FBA , meaning Fulfillment By Amazon, is an excellent service provided for the packaging and shipping of sellers' items. All you have to do is store your products at any Amazon FBA center. By using the FBA service, you are able to reach a wide range of customers and earn more, which is why you need a unique calculator. However, there is a catch to the remarkable benefits of FBA services, and it is their 15% cut on the item's price in addition to $3.00 for packing and shipping the product. For these reasons, you need the FBA calculator for Amazon sales. 

Best Free FBA Calculators  

As recommendable as FBA calculators are, there are some exceptional FBA calculators that you should know. Below is a list of the best free FBA calculators for an optimum experience on Amazon:

1. JungleScout  

First on the list is the popular JungleScout, which is known for its variety of exciting content and a plethora of resources at no cost! One of their notable free supplies is the JungleScout FBA Calculator worksheet, which you can customize to suit your taste. The downside of this FBA calculator is that when it isn't updated, it can give incorrect balance since fees vary. 

2. Viral Launch 

This FBA calculator is probably one of the easiest ways to manage your profits on Amazon . Aside from the easy access, they also invented a feature that permits you to calculate the earnings of three ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) simultaneously. Viral Launch is a top FBA calculator for first-time Amazon sellers, and their chrome extension is the right place to start. They include tutorials and more offers to help you understand how to use the calculator. 

3. AMZScout  

AMZScout gives precise results while offering two practical alternatives; you can use this FBA calculator for Amazon on its Web app or a Chrome browser extension . Either way, you get a free, reliable, and user-friendly FBA calculator to calculate your profits on Amazon. Furthermore, you have access to vital information like keyword rankings, specific sales, niche reports, market data, sales volumes, and profit margins. The only requirement is to copy and paste a product’s ASIN, then AMZScout will ensure you get accurate information on your sales. 

4. Seller App

This app is free and efficient. It calculates your profits, improves your Amazon growth, and assists in other areas like:

  1. PPC Campaigns
  2. In-depth Keywords
  3. Analyze Competition
  4. Product Research. 

However, it can't estimate sales volume. 

5. SaleCalc

This FBA calculator estimates the in-depth of multiple business transactions online, including your gains and losses. The drawback of this AMZ FBA calculator is that you must manually compute all your data, which is quite tasking. 

6. ShipBob

ShipBob permits business owners to reach the full potential of E-commerce by providing accurate information on their client's products. With this FBA profit calculator , you can still supervise your products on Amazon. 

How is the FBA fee calculated?

For every FBA seller on Amazon, there is a variety of helpful FBA calculators that you can access, including the renowned Amazon FBA calculator . It allows you to estimate the amount you will pay to use the Fulfillment by Amazon's business model for a particular product. There are three categories of costs on Amazon, and they are:

  • Upfront costs : Examples are photography, samples, shipping, and the cost of goods. 
  • Marketing costs: Two significant examples are pay per click and promotions. 
  • Variable costs : Examples are storage fees, FBA fees, and returns. 

Your profits are safe with any of the FBA Calculators listed above. For an Amazon FBA Calculator, the following steps will help you calculate your fees easily:

1. Click on the product page on Amazon.

2. Go to the calculator and input the cost of the item, the shipping fee, and the total cost per unit.

3. Click on calculate and wait. The FBA calculator will then show you the specific details of the costs of the chosen product. 

In conclusion

One of the worst things that could happen to a business person is to lose part of his profits due to errors or miscalculations. You can avoid the misfortune by getting an FBA calculator today! It is all you need to conduct smooth transactions on Amazon. 

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