What You Should Know About Amazon Associates/Affiliates

Apart from selling, Amazon also offers a wide range of other opportunities to earn. One of these opportunities is the Amazon Affiliate or Amazon associate program. The program is mainly for bloggers looking for ways to easily monetize their blogs. With the Amazon affiliate program, all you have to do is link up your blog to place Amazon affiliate links on your site, and every time someone makes a purchase on one of the product links in your blog, you get a commission.

As easy as it sounds, getting started requires you to learn all that is involved in the Amazon Affiliate program and how to get become an Amazon affiliate. This article would take you through a stepwise approach to help you start.

amazon associates program

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

The Amazon Affiliate program (or Amazon Associates) is simply an affiliate marketing program offered by Amazon. Currently, the program is free for bloggers and website owners who want to become Amazon affiliates. All they have to do is advertise products from Amazon on their sites. This is done by creating links, and every time a customer clicks the link and makes a purchase, the blogger/Website owner earns referral fees.

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

If you are looking to become an Amazon affiliate, here's is a stepwise guide on how to become an Amazon affiliate.

1.   Create a website or blog

The very first step to becoming an Amazon Associate is having an active blog, website, app, or even a YouTube Channel. If you are just starting out, you might want to work on growing your audience before signing up to be an Amazon affiliate. However, if you're blog has already been in existence for some time, and you already have gained a broad audience, then the task is much easier. 

Also, do ensure that your website or blog belongs to a purpose as you would be required to fill this in during the application process. So, if you're just creating a blog or website, have a good grasp of your site right from the get-go and the ways you'd bring in traffic.

2.   Create an Amazon Associate Account

Once you have a website or blog with a good number of viewers, the next step is to go ahead with creating an Amazon Associates account. You can start the process by visiting the Amazon Associates homepage and click on the "Join Now for Free" button.

Clicking this button would open a prompt for you to log in to an existing Amazon account or create a new one.

3.   Build your Amazon Associates profile

In the process of creating your website, building an impressive profile is also important. Here are some steps to help out with the process.

      i.        Enter your account information

Enter all the necessary information. This information includes the name, address, phone number, etc.

    ii.        Enter your website address.

After the necessary information, you can then proceed to enter your website address (which can be more than one), apps, YouTube channels, etc.

   iii.        Enter the preferred store ID.

Your store ID is usually the same as your primary website name, so in filling this, you would also have to explain what your websites are about and its goals. You can then choose Amazon topics that your links will most likely be interested in.

   iv.        Explain your plans to drive traffic to your site.

You would also be required to explain your plans to drive traffic to your website and how you plan to use your website to generate income.

    v.        Enter your phone number.

Once this is done, you would be required to input your phone number to process a call from Amazon. You would get a four-digit code from the call for the approval of your account.

   vi.        Choose your payment method.

Once your account has been approved, you can then go on to input payment details and proceed to your dashboard.

4.   Create Amazon Affiliate links.

Once you have created an account, you would be directed to your Associate homepage. On this homepage, you would get to see an overview of earnings, monthly summary, total clicks, and all the essential information about your account.

You can also check out relevant product links from your dashboard.

You don't necessarily have to sell products to make money on Amazon. The Amazon Affiliate program offers an opportunity to earn comfortably while doing what you love. 

20 March 06 Fri 10:56

The Best FBA Calculators for Your Amazon Business

amz fba calculator

Buying and selling or online trading could be a bit more challenging than the standard hand-to-hand, especially for sellers. According to research , 37.6% of new Amazon sellers tend to be at a loss because they are unaware of their real profits. Fortunately, there is a solution to this challenge most first-time Amazon sellers face, and the saving grace is the FBA Calculator . One integral part of selling items on Amazon FBA is devising the best way to calculate your profits. With the Amazon FBA calculator , you can avoid all miscalculations and get accurate ROI.

Before we proceed on how vital an FBA calculator is to your business, let's delve into what Amazon FBA means. 

What is Amazon FBA? 

Amazon FBA , meaning Fulfillment By Amazon, is an excellent service provided for the packaging and shipping of sellers' items. All you have to do is store your products at any Amazon FBA center. By using the FBA service, you are able to reach a wide range of customers and earn more, which is why you need a unique calculator. However, there is a catch to the remarkable benefits of FBA services, and it is their 15% cut on the item's price in addition to $3.00 for packing and shipping the product. For these reasons, you need the FBA calculator for Amazon sales. 

Best Free FBA Calculators  

As recommendable as FBA calculators are, there are some exceptional FBA calculators that you should know. Below is a list of the best free FBA calculators for an optimum experience on Amazon:

1. JungleScout  

First on the list is the popular JungleScout, which is known for its variety of exciting content and a plethora of resources at no cost! One of their notable free supplies is the JungleScout FBA Calculator worksheet, which you can customize to suit your taste. The downside of this FBA calculator is that when it isn't updated, it can give incorrect balance since fees vary. 

2. Viral Launch 

This FBA calculator is probably one of the easiest ways to manage your profits on Amazon . Aside from the easy access, they also invented a feature that permits you to calculate the earnings of three ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) simultaneously. Viral Launch is a top FBA calculator for first-time Amazon sellers, and their chrome extension is the right place to start. They include tutorials and more offers to help you understand how to use the calculator. 

3. AMZScout  

AMZScout gives precise results while offering two practical alternatives; you can use this FBA calculator for Amazon on its Web app or a Chrome browser extension . Either way, you get a free, reliable, and user-friendly FBA calculator to calculate your profits on Amazon. Furthermore, you have access to vital information like keyword rankings, specific sales, niche reports, market data, sales volumes, and profit margins. The only requirement is to copy and paste a product’s ASIN, then AMZScout will ensure you get accurate information on your sales. 

4. Seller App

This app is free and efficient. It calculates your profits, improves your Amazon growth, and assists in other areas like:

  1. PPC Campaigns
  2. In-depth Keywords
  3. Analyze Competition
  4. Product Research. 

However, it can't estimate sales volume. 

5. SaleCalc

This FBA calculator estimates the in-depth of multiple business transactions online, including your gains and losses. The drawback of this AMZ FBA calculator is that you must manually compute all your data, which is quite tasking. 

6. ShipBob

ShipBob permits business owners to reach the full potential of E-commerce by providing accurate information on their client's products. With this FBA profit calculator , you can still supervise your products on Amazon. 

How is the FBA fee calculated?

For every FBA seller on Amazon, there is a variety of helpful FBA calculators that you can access, including the renowned Amazon FBA calculator . It allows you to estimate the amount you will pay to use the Fulfillment by Amazon's business model for a particular product. There are three categories of costs on Amazon, and they are:

  • Upfront costs : Examples are photography, samples, shipping, and the cost of goods. 
  • Marketing costs: Two significant examples are pay per click and promotions. 
  • Variable costs : Examples are storage fees, FBA fees, and returns. 

Your profits are safe with any of the FBA Calculators listed above. For an Amazon FBA Calculator, the following steps will help you calculate your fees easily:

1. Click on the product page on Amazon.

2. Go to the calculator and input the cost of the item, the shipping fee, and the total cost per unit.

3. Click on calculate and wait. The FBA calculator will then show you the specific details of the costs of the chosen product. 

In conclusion

One of the worst things that could happen to a business person is to lose part of his profits due to errors or miscalculations. You can avoid the misfortune by getting an FBA calculator today! It is all you need to conduct smooth transactions on Amazon. 

20 March 03 Tue 12:41

What You Need to Know About Amazon FBA Fees

What You Need to Know About Amazon FBA Fees

amazon fba fees

Selling more products than the competition is the dream of every Amazon FBA seller. The online retail giant realizes this and has introduced the FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) program. It is a program that picks up products, packs them up and ships them to customers so the seller doesn't have to do it. This has freed up so much time for them, allowing them to focus on achieving their goals. But this service is anything but free, meaning one needs to know the fees before signing up.

Key Amazon FBA Fees Breakdown

Before registering for this incredible program, you need to know the most relevant fees that will affect you. While there are many, you will want to give more consideration to the following:

Membership Fees

You can't benefit from Amazon FBA if you are not a seller. Amazon has two plans that sellers need to choose when signing up. The Individual plan is the first plan, and this is where you don't pay anything for joining but must pay a per-item fee. The second plan is called Professional, where you pay $39.99 every month.

Per-Item Fees

Only sellers under the Individual plan have to worry about the per-items fee. They get charged $0.99 per every item that they sell.

Referral Fees

Both types of sellers will have to pay referral fees, which are a percentage of the sales they make. Referral fees usually range anywhere from 6% on the lower end to 45% on the higher end. Also, some items have what is known as the applicable minimum referral fee. You are not required to pay both but whichever is greater between the referral fee and the applicable referral fee.

This is quite easy to understand with an example. Suppose you’re selling an item that is worth $1 with a referral rate of 15%, meaning you pay $0.15. However, if the applicable minimum referral fee is $0.30, you will pay the $0.30 since it is the greater one between the two.

Variable Closing Fees

All sellers will pay this closing for every physical media item that they sell. That means for every book, DVD, music CD, physical game disk, video game console and other similar items you sell, you’ll pay $1.80.

Fulfillment Fees

This Amazon FBA fee is based on the size and weight of each unit. It is a combination of everything that Amazon has to do for you in order to make sure that a customer's order is fulfilled. This is everything from the moment the item is picked up from the fulfillment center to when it is delivered to the customer's door-step.

The charges for standard units are as follows:

  • Small (10 ounces or fewer) – $2.41
  • Small (10 or more to 16 ounces) – $2.48
  • Large (10 ounces or fewer) – $3.19
  • Large (10 or more to 16 ounces ) – $3.28
  • Large (1 pound to 2 pounds) – $4.76
  • Large (2-3 pounds) – $5.26
  • Large (3-21 pounds) – $5.26 + $0.38 per pound above first 3 pounds

The charges for over-sized units are as follows:

  • Small (71 pounds or fewer) – $8.26 + $0.38 per pound above first 2 pounds
  • Medium (151 pounds or fewer) – $9.79 + $0.39 per pound above first 2 pounds
  • Large (151 pounds or fewer) – $75.78 + $0.79 per pound above first 90 pounds
  • Special – $137.32 + $0.91 per above first 90 pounds

Monthly Inventory Fees

This Amazon FBA cost is for the units that you will be sending to Amazon fulfillment centers. It is a combination of your daily average volume and the month of the year it is.

The charges for standard-sized units are as follows per cubic feet:

  • Jan-Sept – $0.69
  • Oct-Dec – $2.40

The charges of over-sized units are as follows per cubic feet:

  • Jan-Sept – $0.48
  • Oct-Dec – $1.20

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Fulfillment By Amazon fees, these are the most important fees you need to be concerned with. While it might seem confusing and expensive on the face of it, many sellers have discovered that is is actually much cheaper than handling fulfillment by themselves. In the end, they discover that the FBA amazon fees aren’t so bad (it is just a matter of demystifying them).

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What is the Best Amazon Price Tracker

What is the Best Amazon price Tracker? Check out our list to find some of the most popular and used price tracking tools on Amazon.

 Amazon is the world’s biggest e-commerce platforms. The number of products you can find there is mind-blowing which makes keeping track of products, discounts and price changes almost impossible without special software.

If you are looking for a reliable Amazon price tracker, here are our favorite picks.

best amazon price tracker

Amazon Price Tracker

This is one of the best price trackers out there. It is easy to use, effective and works on all Amazon sites. With this software you can set price thresholds and get daily product digests and alerts. The price tracker comes in two packages – Enterprise and Personal. The Personal one comes with a single user license, while the Enterprise has an unlimited number of user profiles.


Keepa is one of the most reputable price trackers out there. The Amazon price tracker app is available for desktop and in different browser extensions like Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. The app looks simple, but it has a lot to offer. With this tool you can check Amazon price history and get different kinds of alerts. Plus, you can choose how you receive messages and alerts.


EARNY is not focused on saving money, but rather tracking your purchases. It also sends you alerts when the product price drops. This is a little different tool for Amazon price tracking but it is a great asset to have. EARNY tracks your purchases on several different websites and saves all items covered by price protection. The tool is available for both iOS and Android.

Invisible Hand

The Invisible hand is available on Firefox, Chrome and Safari. It compares prices in real time on several platforms including Amazon. It is focused on the British, American and German markets. Once you tag a product the Invisible Hand will help you compare prices on different retail sites and you will get a link to the cheapest product. Because it is real-time it can be a bit slower, but you will have to wait a bit until it gathers the relevant information. This Amazon price monitor is free to use and has the ability to adjust to your needs.

amazon price tracking



Honey is available on the five most popular browsers and works on close to 4000 websites. It is very easy to use – you just tag a product and add it to you list to track the price changes. You also enter the price you want to pay and the period you want to track for. Once the product price drops you will get an email notification.


Picking the best Amazon price tracker can be difficult, but Camel Camel Camel is one of the most popular options. It is easy to use and navigate and offers a lot of great statistics and advanced tracking options. The tool is an add-on to any browser and is also available on Siri and Android. It can be used on desktop with browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Camel Camel Camel is similar to Honey and Keepa, and works with international Amazon sites.

Penny Parrot

Penny Parrot is one of the best price history trackers out there. It is clean and streamlined and has all the necessary variables. The user interface is definitely one of the best features of this tool. It is short on features, but at least everything on the tool is visible and big. Unfortunately, this price tracker supports only Amazon and you need to sign up if you want to use it for free.


Why not save money and still buy the product you want at a discounted price? An Amazon price tracker will help you stay on top of the price trends and will even compare the prices on several different websites for you.

We hope this list of price tracking tools will help you choose the best one for you. These are some of the best price trackers out there that can make your life a lot easier as well as save you time and money.



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How to sell books on Amazon – The Ultimate Guide

Bookselling has grown in leaps and bounds the last decade so much so that at by the end of 2019, it had sold more than 54 million books. And with the average American reading over 10 books per year, what does this portend for potential booksellers like you? This means that a large number of people will turn to Amazon to purchase their next book.

Why you should start selling books on Amazon

Selling books on amazon is a perfect way to raise funds for your own private business. It’s a surefire way to get your online business up and running. And if you thought it was difficult before now, let’s tell you know that selling books on Amazon is easier than you think.

sell books to amazon

Methods of selling books on Amazon

As a third-party, there are three means of selling your books as an Amazon seller:

Fulfilled by merchant (FBM) – this is when the bookseller completely manages the packaging and shiping process. In lieu of paying Amazon to handle the entire process, the seller sends the book to the purchaser using his/her resources.

Vendor Central – here, you sell your wholesale stockpile to Amazon directly through its vendor central services. You can only sell your books to Amazon only of they invited you to do business with them. You receive payment on a monthly basis.

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) – here, amazon will be responsible for packaging and shipping the books to the buyers. It is a novel initiative by the world’s largest online marketplace to help business store the inventory of books at fulfillment centers. It also allows you to focus on your business instead of worrying about shipments and customer relations.

How to start selling books business on Amazon

Step 1: Pick your sourcing method

Find a way to source your books. The most commonly used sourcing methods are:

The scanning method - This involves scanning the bar code using a mobile device or a handy scanner. You can also cross-refer the Best Sellers Rank (BSR) of the book and its lowest sale price. This lets the seller know whether the book is worth buying or not.

Retail arbitrage - This is a technique most amazon booksellers deploy these days. It involves purchasing books from another platform like craigslist and eBay, and reselling them on another marketplace. The downside to this is that it can be a bit time-consuming compared to other mainstream methods mentioned here.

Step 2: Create an Amazon Seller account

If you plan to sell books to Amazon as a business venture on Amazon, create a seller account. There are two kinds of seller accounts to select: the individual seller and the professional seller.

Individual Seller – this is free but you are changed $1 for every book you sell.

Professional Seller – this costs $39.95 per month and this is the right option if you’re planning to sell 40+ books every month

Step 3: Send your books to the closest fulfillment center

Simply bundle the books in a parcel and ship them through one of Amazon’s most favored shippers. After that, relax and watch your sales troop in.


Be on your way to earning a 6 figure annual salary through book-selling. Don’t be worried about breaking into the market. Just follow the steps outlined and smile to the bank. It’s as easy as that.


What is the cost to sell books on Amazon?

It costs next to nothing with an Individual Seller account (only $1 per unit), however, with a Professional Account you’ll need to fork out $39.95 per month

Can I sell books on Amazon for free?

While it costs nothing to set up an account I is not free Individual Seller accounts charge only $1 per unit, while Professional accounts cost $39.95 per month 

Can you sell books back to Amazon?

Using the amazon trade-in program, you can sell qualified books for an Amazon Gift Card.

20 February 16 Sun 02:21

Top Selling Amazon Products

best selling products on amazon

Let’s face it. Selecting the right things to sell online isn’t as easy as it looks. Most times, Amazon’s top sellers have had to go through a trial-error process before they eventually struck gold. Modern-day technological advancements have also changed the way people search for products online, not to talk about the competition from other similar search engines. There are different bestselling products on Amazon at the moment, and the same strategy won’t work for everyone.

How to Choose Top Selling Items on Amazon



#1: Find The Bestsellers:

top selling amazon products

Searching for the most bought items on Amazon is a very easy process. You can access all of the best sellers on the website for free. Over time, the most sold items on Amazon have been noticed to range from toys to household appliances and gadgets, video games, books, clothing, jewelry, among a host of all others. Once you’ve identified what the best-selling products are at a given time, you can then decide what category you want your eCommerce business to venture in.


#2: Avoid Major Competition:

most bought items on amazon

This is a mistake most sellers make when starting out on Amazon. Amazon hosts a wide range of sellers, and a lot of people sell the same thing. In a bid to making faster sales, most Amazon sellers, especially newbies, tend to sell at ridiculously low prices, shortchanging themselves. This mistake can be avoided if sellers avoid all of the major competition on major brands. You would fare a lot better selling an entirely different product compared to when you try to sell unknown brands of best-selling products on Amazon.


#3: Monitor the Trends:

top selling amazon products

It is not enough to know what the top-selling products on Amazon are or to avoid all major competitors when you’re just starting out your eCommerce business. It is very important to also take note of market demands during a particular period. Naturally, toys and gift items would sell more around Christmastime, as well as products to keep away the cold (since it’s winter). However, not the same kind of products would sell best in the summertime. While you’re striving to work hard, also work smart!

 best selling products on amazon

Finding Best Selling Products On Amazon with IO Scout Tool

Using the IO Scout tool is an amazing way to avoid the hassle of scouting for bestselling Amazon products. The IO Scout Tool website is highly efficient with its easy-to-use interface which saves a lot of time. It boasts of three important instruments for product analysis:

·       Product Database:

top selling products on amazon

IO Scout’s product database hosts a large number of filtering requirements to help you find your product in a faster and more efficient way. You are shown all of the data on those products you’re searching for and the niche analysis too!

·       Product Tracker:

best selling products on amazon

The bookmarks icon on the menu helps to save all recent searches needed for further analysis. Separate lists may be created for different products. Your bookmarks are added to custom-made product groups or to the default product group. Each one of the groups contains metrics, useful for outlining the performance of the entire group.

·       IO Scout Chrome Extension:

best selling products on amazon

The IO Scout Chrome Extension is by far the best feature of the IO Scout program. Without even leaving the Amazon website, you can analyze products when you have the widget installed. The extension also shows the niche performance of your products in a convenient small window. You can also remove unwanted products from the list, or add them instantly to your bookmarks.

Top 3 Selling Items on Amazon


top selling products on amazon

To be candid, it is quite impossible to keep track of all the toys available on the Amazon web store. New toys for kids and even adults are released very frequently. Amazon buyers have a vast range of options to choose from, LEGOs, the latest products from Hatchimals, including those toys you haven’t heard about, yet. For Amazon sellers, toy sales could just be the secret ingredient to boost your sales through the roof!

Household Electronics

best seller on amazon

You would agree that Household Electronics are an indispensable feature of human life. These personal or family-based products are responsible for the smooth and effective running of the home, and are in high demand, with new innovations coming into the market every other month!

Video Games

best selling items on amazon

Video Games! The winning factor about video games is that sometimes, the demand is more than supply. With different winning game software packages everywhere, users have their pick from PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, etc.

Final Thoughts

For Amazon sellers, the key to being successful in generating a substantial income stream lies in deciding what product category you want to major in. Research is essential and can make or break your entire business. Find out what works best for you and make profitable sales!

20 February 13 Thu 08:02

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